Low Ropes Elements/Course

During the morning portion of a traditional program at the Challenge Ropes Course, participants encounter a time of fun get-to-know-you games, icebreakers, and team building activities. These games and activities are utilized to help participants get comfortable with their new environment and the rest of their teammates, as well as to encourage them to start problem solving, working together, supporting one another and thinking “outside of the box.”

After this time spent building a foundation within the group, participants are ready to head out to the “low ropes” course elements. These elements include a variety of activities that occur no more than 2-3 feet off the ground and are designed to build on that foundation and further challenge the groups abilities to work together, listen to one another, and problem solve in order to achieve goals. Skills such as teamwork, leadership, respect, communication, and support are heavily emphasized, and groups quickly learn that it takes each and every member of a team participating and contributing in order to accomplish a task.

Additionally, it is often during our “low ropes” course time that the more unlikely of group members will choose to speak up with an idea, some encouragement, or as a leader within the group. It is examples such as these that show the value of the “low ropes” elements; activities that promote self-esteem, confidence, mutual respect and teamwork among each and every member of the group.

High Ropes Elements/Course

After a break for lunch, groups who visit the Challenge Ropes Course are ready to tackle the “high ropes” portion of the day. A “high ropes” course is precisely what it sounds like; elements/activities that are performed at a height of 20-25 feet above the ground while harnessed to belay rope. It is during this part of our program that participants can utilize everything that they have learned and accomplished during the first half of their day to the test.

Participants are able to climb to new heights both figuratively and literally as they encounter elements that require them to problem solve, communicate and listen, work with others, and at most times step outside of that personal “comfort zone” and challenge themselves to try something new and maybe even a little scary. However, participants are able to overcome their fears and achieve new goals through the encouragement of their team and the foundation of respect and camaraderie that they have built together throughout their time at the Challenge Ropes Course.

Lastly, group members are able to walk away from their experience with a sense of accomplishment, the support of their teammates, and the knowledge that Together Everyone Achieves More!